I think of a story

of a person or thing

just to fill my blog

simply as something

I sit on the chair with a despair

I have to write for which I fight

one day and night

in the bright moonlight

I scratch my head

with a dread

eat a bread

to give up instead

still I think

with a shrink

a bottle I drink

but nothing wink

I try to sleep

may be in dreams

I will get something

for which I will scream

I felt asleep

deep in dump

nothing came still

but still I jump

I think I got

for which I fought

with my thought

still it ought

and finally here

I took the pen

jotted down the lines

straight from within

now I wrote

my desire

to fill the page

and then aspired

why I dint thought

this before

to write my journey

and speak uproar

one last thing

gave me bling

if I hike

put it slight

will it might

fetch me a like.?!!