Do you like to enjoy the rain??No one if his true senses will say no. .the first rain along with a very cold climate add feathers to me and I feel like a peacock in the forest who just don’t care about anyone watching and goes around dancing. How do you feel when the cold drops of rain touches the face ,for me the world seems to be revolving around me and all my anguishes inside flows out and I release myself to fly high as if I got feathers , it makes me embrace the world in lure of happiness..cant we be the same way?

It is a known fact ,backed by scientific evidences , that if you want to enjoy the nature in its purest form , don’t try to struggle or fight with it. If the rain God wants to shower you with its water , don’t try to seek shelter or open your umbrella but give a warm welcome to rain by letting yourself drenched fully with its holy water under the open skies. It will feel like all your tensions and worries just washes out with rain water. If the God of light,the Sun wants you to take sunbath under its glorious and divine light,don’t struggle with it by putting expensive googles around your eyes.Just enjoy it and let your body take free dosage of vitamin D. This sunlight will not only enlighten your outer being around you but will enlighten your inner being ae well which no other man-made and most expensive source of light will be able to provide you. It is ironical that still we are afraid of taking this free gifts from Mother nature .

Have you ever heard and enjoyed the music that emulates from the loud soars of sea waves. Even the greatest musician and singer Tansen will feel doubt about his talent in front of this natural music. The sound of sea waves declares to the world of its supremacy.Whenever sea waves comes near you ,it seems they will engulf you into its arms but when it goes back just by touching your feet ,you feel and compelled to go into its arms yourself . Black clouds in the skies often plays hide and seek game with sunlight. Roars of sea waves on the earth and sound of thunderstorm of light in the skies produces the best combination of thrill and excitement by nature. Lulled by the sound of the shore I felt as if it’s a completely different part of the world. when you see far in the sea you can see the black clouds which is preparing themselves for pouring their drops and flood the world. You will find yourself trembling by the cold wind which comes to you after embracing the clouds sending you a message of beware and you are in the middle of the sea enjoying the natural high tides , playing hide and seek with them and just then the drops started touching you hug your body , shivering enjoying and forgetting all the anguishes.There was a very little light left with the sun as the clouds cover it and threaten that its time now..a little light as little as lamp as if its going to set and moon is about to peep in., a little space in the sky where the light is still alive and assuring us of the sunshine.

I am referring to none other than the very beautiful place Goa, the paradise of joy which gives a totally different view in off season around the end of the august .Even though the tourists are less and there are no water rides available, still there is some mesmerizing beauty to see in Goa which compels to visit us even during off season , a completely different experience with the beaches which are always seems to be shattered with the titter bitter of people and children where during the off season you will enjoy the monsoon and cold breeze.

Not only the nature is at its best in Goa but the people here are no less than the real masters who teaches us the lessons of life in true sense. The lesson how life should be lived. It seems that their dictionary does not have the meaning of sorrow. Every body is feeling happy and making others feel happy as well. As the sun sets,they start to sing and dance on the sea shore with beautiful and colourful hats around their head backed by guitar in their arms.

The very good thing about it is that you can enjoy without getting tanned and stay at a much lesser cost compared to on season. The Baga-calangute beach is always open no matter whether its on season or offseason.Goa , one of the favorite holiday destination for people to chill around after the heavy hectic schedule to be followed months together but apart from the sun sand and sea it offers us the monsoon as well.the offseason ensures us less traffic noise and pollution and therefore allow us to enjoy the monsoon with lush greenery and clean backwaters.

And on the other side goa ensures us full enjoyment without compromising on the fun quotient with its quiet beach Arambol beach which is towards Maharashtra 50kms from panjim.One of the secluded beaches in north goa. We played there with water sand since it lacks tourists and hardly we can see two or three families apart from us.the Arambol beach is 16km long where one part is full of trees and cliffs and gives us a proper picturesque view to have a few funny clicks to make the trip memorable. The other part of the beach is good for peace and tranquillity. On the top of it when it starts drizzling and the rops along with the fast cold breeze touches the body gives us a feeling of 100 needles pricks at a time.

That was the most excited and memorable journey I ever made and enjoy at a great extent as its not a preplanned one..if any time you feel like doing something different just pay a visit to the all time favourite destinations in off season and have a completely different environment to add in your book of memories.

The experience was like a close encounter with mother nature in its fullest form.

Looking forward to make this trip again whenever I can grab the opportunity.