Who can say that we are forgetting our culture.There are still parts in India where we can see live examples of the heritage left by our ancestors and carry forward by the present generation.Are these the people who don’t want change? do they still wanna live a life which was once given by there forefathers?? or a revolution is needed to cope up these people with the present world?

Well the questions are more and we hardly have any answers.These are the people who don’t wanna change at all.

oops! you might be wandering why suddenly i became philosophical and talking this madness, well i may be mad to hear and believe such things if not seen by myself.Yes I am talking about the cultural capital of India Talkative.West bengal known for the heritage and the culture and off course the dilapidated buildings which are still standing lie a ghost of past from British times.

When i stepped out from train in howrah sation i felt as if i travelled in time machine and came 60years backwars such are the roads which are still the same even the open buses seems like a running can.The most unbelievable part is even the people are same what i saw 20 years back.Well when i see the road which is half broken my heart let out a cry and i ask a question to myself why not people are interested for a better living?. It might be the present govt. of Mamata Banerjee our trinamool which facilitated less for the people of west bengal.

I have seen the dilapidated streets of hooghly district konnagar, uttarpara serampur baali, nothing changed so far except more pollution has added along with the road works which often leads to the traffic jam.I think if there is an award for highest jam in India west bengal deserves it.The same buildings so conjested and fighting with each other for the space to stand and seems to be collapsed any moment , same hawkers in the streets , even the rates of things are so less that an average person can save a lot out of it.who will give you a ride of 8-10 kms in just Rs8 per head?

one wonderful thing i saw is a thing called Toto, it resembles our cycle rickshaw but instead of a cycle the front is that of a bike and behind the structure is a box shape with seats each side minimum six people can easily accommodate.And the best part is it goes upto 3 km with just Rs6 per head.Seems like a jackpot, for me everything here came as a shock which is quite obvious since i stay in mos costly city of india Bangalore.

As far as people are concerned one good thing about them is they are very helpful and talkative.Each one of them wanna share their life with others and find ways to start conversation.And everyone is having a story to share.The people are so lethargic to change that even if someone put a step forward it leads to a fight.

Are they saving the heritage? may be!!! but everything looks historical here even the buildings are once painted and never ever been renovated again in last 50-60 years.

There are many other wonderful things which let me wander about this wonderful place.

but the words are few to express it beautifully unless you be here and experience it.

I love this place because only here i can see how people would have managed to live in past, its having a beautiful smell of past and off course the condition can be improved under proper guidance and govt.

As a strong point the people here are not evolved, a revolution might be needed for a change.And once this place taste the change I am sure it can become a very very rich state of the country.

So a revolution for evolution!! is what is needed.