With favoring winds,Redruth had made good time to canary island;


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”

Well If you ask me definitely for me winds are the worst thing ever occur to me, for a very stupid reason that it might take me away somewhere in the dark world where beasts are there to fry me up in a huge pan of boiling oil or may be along with the wind some ghosts come travelling and catch me and take me with them and i will never ever return. Such are some of the horror movie stories which i usually watch and I am a huge fans of horrifying things even my nephew, A live horror creature for me.

Whenever In a dark night i lift my head up usually to find myself in the midst of huge gallery of stars everywhere,i feel like running away in a place where i will be surrounded by those sparkling things may be an Island or so.

Will it be mean to think about this world a very selfish place and I am the first one to escape. Some boat some shortcut which will help me escape to the world of white and light that world of heaven exists, it might be the wind which someday carry me there.


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