I heard a poem

When i was a kid

It talks about the stars

Which are hid

twinkle twinkle they shine

Above us far

They seems so fine

how I shouldn’t wonder

that there were clouds

which pour thunder

still the stars are so bright

sometimes the clouds seemed to fright

it gives me a great delight

to watch these beauties every night

they comes at dawn

and vanishes at light

Oh here comes again

my mom starts another poem

something about a black sheep

and somewhere its going

she keep asking

about some wool

the sheep finds it funny

it lies and makes us fool

we request the sheep to spare one sack

and after a pause

sheep says she has 3bags

but it belongs to someone else

a master and a boy

who lives down the lane.

I laugh excited

to find one bear

here it goes

a story to hear

the little teddy bear

goes round and round

it is so bulky

that it finds hard

to touch the ground

it tries so hard

to polish the shoes

no matter whatever it does

falls and goes across the mousse

oops the last one

i couldn’t recall

something about

a very great fall

oh yes these two

humpty and dumpty

who sat on a wall

like jill and jack

who went up the hill

and had slipped

like a bulky hay stack

they went up there

to fetch some water

instead of which

jack hurts the crown

and jill came tumbling after.