I wonder a lot of time, what is the meaning of politics ,and after going through quite a definition i selected one: use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control as in business,University etc.

The same strategy or so called politics is been utilize by many human beings to reach up as a governing body of our country and the foremost requirement for the same is to belong to a rich family. Well don’t worry even though U are not reach at least try to be one or befriend one,and for getting seats these creatures has to undergo a lot of procedures.

  • Gather some more creatures of their breed and do nomenclature for it.
  • Making connections with all kind of people especially those in big positions , just to help them bid for public offices(especially with the rowdies of the place as they need a support to carry out the dirty things and get manpower for them too.)
  • Faking things about them(You pretend to be a totally different character).
  • Gathering a huge crowd (either by hook or crook) shouting (with a mike and loudspeakers) and making a lot of promises(fake)
  • Learn to lie to public.
  • Printing posters and paste it in every possible walls to become visible.
  • Catch hold of some media people and newspapers and publicise.
  • convincing others that they are the best.
  • Last but not the least,catch hold of some poor fools and pay to vote for them(party).

and some of us incredible India’s fools are so lucky to get 5000 rupees for free just to press a button (for these creatures who shed money to do so)

And finally among these different creatures of different breeds(called ‘parties’) one get the opportunity to sit up as a king of troublemaker and contributing timely to make general public’s life a hell.

These creatures  develop very vast and start  possessing different qualities among themselves throughout their experiences:

  • These creatures throughout time become so greedy that they become capable to find different ways of attracting money towards themselves.
  • Just like we go out for shopping we have to pay for the things we buy, we have to pay service tax(12.36%) for the services provided to us in restaurants,spa,theaters etc etc ,same way If you want to get your work done specially in the incredible country like ours, pay these creatures service tax(of variable percentage as it depend on work to work and also unaccountable)
  • Out of all lying and stealing are the two big qualities they posses,which they maintain and carry throughout their lifetime.
  • Their biggest USP is that , they can sit in there comfort zone and think how to make money, well not for public or country but of course for themselves.
  • These creatures are addicted in stashing their hard earned money(from public) in foreign banks, and also keep themselves busy in controversies just incase we don’t forget them.

So here in short these are few points and qualities one must remember to make a fruitful politician.

This recipe is open to all for references.

Isn’t it interesting??..No need to say thanks and all , being an Indian its my duty to share all such interesting recipes..