Distances!!! sometimes distances tell us how close are we from each other,one can realise the pain of achieving only when there is a distance.How far are we from our loved one’s may be a day or two,to remove these distances we travel , we travel to feel the closeness,we travel to reinvigorate, we travel for excitement,we travel to escape and I travel to forget.If there is one solution to escape from the tangles of life its travelling, because it gives us patience,one can witness the pristine state-of-art, unfamiliar faces ,unaccustomed places and reinventing selves. Mode of transport plays a big role in reaching the destination,and being a tour lover trains are the best mode for me to chastise a clogy mind towards refreshments. Indian railways has undergone a lot of changes since inception from 1853.Time has made the man faster in developments mainly towards the technologies.Electrification of trains,introduction of faster intercity trains leads towards the better improvements in the transport systems.Not only our Indian railways is worlds seventh largest commercial employer in the world employing approximately 1.307million people but also one of the fastest growing industry.We must be thankful to our govt for taking over such a beautiful mode of transport and improving it thereafter since 1920.E-ticketing saves our time from hassle free ticket booking predicaments which earlier we faced standing in a line and scoffing for our favorite places. Our present railway minister, henceforth is on the way to take our Indian railways to the next level by introducing e-ordering of food where the passenger can book the food online and pay afterwards. But out of all these our railways and stations continuously lagging behind in 3 major core areas which is called”cleanliness sanitation and maintenance”. As the number of trains and priority coaches increasing, proportionately the cleanliness and maintenance is decreasing or reducing.Our honorable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started ‘Swach Bharat’ campaign which isnhardly seen to be followed in railways. The sleeper coaches inside the trains are in a pitiable conditions, the filthy toilets are continuously stinking and scarcity of water inside added a feather to the already dilapidated condition, the toilets in trains like Duronto express is so small even a little bulky person finds it hard to fit into. The filthy toilets and berths are the cause of diseases or let me correct it the source of diseases. As the indian railway is divided into so many divisions out of which the Mechanical Department is responsible for cleanliness and sanitation in coaches, other departments are responsible for maintaining cleanliness within the station premises. Health and Medical departments are responsible for ensuring hygiene of catering services and maintaining quality of drinking water at stations. A Performance Audit on “Cleanliness and sanitation in IR” was earlier taken up and the results included in the Audit Report No.6 of 2007 (Railways) of Comptroller and Auditor General of India.The measures like cleaning station and on-board housekeepings are malfunctioning due to deficiencies in planning.More than planning it is education which keeps us away from a clean and sanitised station and trains. In the Performance Audit on “Cleanliness and Sanitation in Indian Railways” it is been found that

  • Mechanised cleaning could not be effectively implemented at all major stations due to inadequate provision of washable aprons or damaged and uneven platform surfaces.
  • The availability of infrastructure in the field for improving the standard of cleanliness was not commensurate with the policies and guidelines laid down in this regard.
  • the infrastructure in this regard is not commensurate with the planning and guidelines laid for it.
  • Provision for drinking water was not made as per prescribed norms
  • Even the food is not u to the mark and lacks the hygiene.

The main issue arises when one question about the feasibility or the implementation of the biodegradable waste management system in IR.

The country where the their is no proper waste management system exists wil find it very difficut to establush one particularly in raiways.There is no separate waste management cell exists which can take care of the wastes generating and then separating it as biodegradable and non biodegradable.Educating the staffs and the workers regarding this system is a milestone yet to be achieved.

A Study conducted by RITES58 in December 2009 on the Assessment of plastic waste and its management at three major railway stations at Delhi (New Delhi, Old Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin station) indicated that at railway stations, passengers dump the solid waste into dustbins placed for the purpose at platforms. Since, no separate dustbins were kept for degradable and non degradable waste at railway stations, the solid waste at the first collection point is not segregated. The collected waste from the formal system59 finally goes to the municipal landfill for disposal.

This dilapidated and filthy conditions of Indian railway is one of the landslide of Indian economy. The credibility of the system is in doubt. If the place where so many people prone to travel is so dirty whats the faction of interest taken in the campaign where we are stepping up for a clean India.Why not the govt. is making arrangements for keeping the politics out of this railway system.The whimps of the individuals are to be controlled and in essence each one of us has to be educated for the importance of cleanlines.We have to impose much needed restraints and Strict laws are to be made to restore the dilapidated and bleeding railways of our country. My travel is not peaceful but full of questions which are voiced many times, ebbed many minds but are always left us confused, where is the missing link which will connect the education and the rest together?

A subrogative logic might have the afflation to carry it out further and till then we have to wait with patience..