Here came the dawn again

in a hope to rise

a swaying with the shining sun

enlighten the surprise!!!

Down below the stars

right in the world of glory

a decor of mizzle

given birth to a story

A story of never ending time

a story of broken pearl

a still raging wave

given rise to a shattered girl

A flickering ray

ready to bantam

A still treaded voice quietly tells


It winced the cruelity, aghast!!

Let me shout it, let it starts…….

A time when I waited

For a brisk of tomorrow

They say to walk alone

with the realm of barrow

they left me like this

when I was small

they say am a tribualation

a cause for all the brawl

I want to study

I want to read

I said with my chary eyes

But no one paid heed..

I want to live my dream

I wanna rise high

do I borrow or beg

no ones ready to ply..

I would have to cook

I would have to wash

People says thats what my fate

is that what I have to slosh??

I have to be bedded..

I have to give birth

is it the only thing for me

left on this earth?

I have to shut up

I have to face

if I ask for something

they just simply waves..

they can stare at me

that prick me inside

but I have to bow down

and take the chide..

when they touch they rage

I have to take it

with all the gauge

and in case I don’t

they rape me in public place..

then I face the taunt

for whatever I want

I have to stand

but I can not run

Is it still wrong to wander

whether i have the sanctum

should they not think that

Why i still dont stand for the anthem!!!!..