Ten years down the line if time allows me to go behind then, I would like to come and see myself again because we always feel right about the things left behind even when its not right and disgrace the present even though its right..I wanted to walk the same streets I left something to run behind future..so perhaps for the time being till human race invent time machine I will start peeping into the road with my pictures, and then while flipping one of my albums I landed into a beautiful picture of a landscape which is right behind a group of people posing to each other and out of nowhere I am standing at the left corner staring right into the camera.

And after that whatever happened is a nightmare. That one snap left me scratching my head for the reason of the very existence of the pic in the first place!!!! because I didn’t recognise even a single face out of 5 and just cant stop mself thinking about them staring at me and ask “hey remember what a wonderful day it was”..I felt abashed that I couldnt remember my friends (or if they could be called so)…but more than that I feel pity for the same bunch of people who has to go through a lot of discussion to figure me out as later I found out that I accidently appeared there while admiring the scenic beauty and of course the flowers.

Well we dont wanna spoil our memories for that “yet to be known” one person who bumped in our family pics. It left everyone wander about the who’s who of it. We will unknowingly become a part of someone elses journey. But looking at the bright side of it we will end up asking them ,whom we had lost touch,  it bring us down to the same old story we love to hear repeatedly.so in that case you can become the thread to tie up the broken pearls, and who knows what it has for us as a surprise than just merely a coincidence.