When I was a kid ,my parents asked me to work hard to be something great in life or to be precise they expect me to be great in life..its a huge competitive world outside.if by chance you score best in a subject then your teachers expect you to continue that forever in other words they already presumed that you are hard working and you get another competition. started from you r classroom,occupying first bench rivalry to  job struggle(unless you have a very appealing resume), washroom rivalry (unless you have the ability to hold ),disc entries(unless you know the bouncers), even for getting a seat in bus there is competition(unless you start making use of ur elbow).. Not only these, this bitch has found a whole new level of fun and expanded its world even in between the couples..

Once upon a time there use to be a trend where relations takes a long time to start  when the girl being approched by the guy with a flower and she deny then guy tries hard and then other party accepts with a smile..well as a headway from the history,now a days the relation start with  the arrival of a beautiful girl in the classroom and your best buddy too have a crush on her. So with all efforts somehow you won her heart, you send gifts,bouquets, surprises on her birthdays and all the other dates (damn these girls are suffering with a disease of remembering dates) and what not to keep it charming and then one day which happens to be one of the “days” (oh shit!!! Is it her birthday?)you realise that your stock of surprises are over..and your whole attention is to solve this big crisis (this time much bigger than the ISIS) by referring to internet ,asking friends,her friends,her friends friend etc whom all you can recall or may take reference to her facebook page but still no answer unfortunately and she already presumed a big surprise in return for the one she gave you last month on your birthday( no matter that too is a difficult thing to  remember)now even you didn’t noticed but here the expectation is mother of all rivalries..and “she” will become haunted unless you find a way of getting partial amnesia and to be declared in dreadful stage.